Silkworm custom tool path

I am trying to generate a custom tool path for research. The plug-in used is Silkworm 2 BETA and while generating the G-code for this, it doesn’t include any bed temp or nozzle temp. I have to manually edit the G-Code from the text editor and paste the settings.
Does anybody know, how to add those settings directly from the script ??

(The above toolpath is just for a test run to check if the movement is taking place as per the vectors.)

I think you can use Concatenate component to add a header and footer to your g-code text.

You should be able to build up a header and footer using the Text Components and sliders or other input parameter tools.

Someone like @siemen might be able to offer some good advice here.

If you clearly know what’s missing( if it’s a piece of text to be added to the GCode) then ask clearly where you want to do that. People not into GCode will also will be able to help you.

If it more of a GCode thing then i suggest reading GCode commands from Reprap sites. That ways you know what’s missing.
I also got instructions to be careful because it can also break your machine.

Alright. Yes, I got the point.
One thing that I am having trouble with is the bed and nozzle temp. configuration since the Silkworm BETA 2 doesn’t have that. (as far as I checked). Thus, I need to manually edit the GCODE every time before starting the print else the temps remain unchanged.

I just tried and the test run was all okay. It followed the path based on the vectors shown in the file. I need to further resolve the extrusion rates and custom speeds for the filament to be cooled down.

Oh okay. I will try that.

As @martynjhogg points out, you’ll indeed just need to work with Concatenate and merge to combine different text inputs. If you provide your grasshopper file (nobody feels like recreating your definition based on your image) and explain which text or parameters you need to add (perhaps also add a file before you manually edit the g-code and a file after you’ve edited the g-code) somebody will probably be able to help you out rather quick here.

Thanks. Yes, I will add the necessary files next time.