Silicone sealant command!

It takes the minutest of gaps to cause a Boolean to fail. I have one on the trailing edge of a wing where an OffsetSrf has left a really minute tapering gap. Patching it with surface from 3 or 4 points hasnt worked.
I could do with a Silicone Sealant command !

It is so fine it would never show in the real build, I just want to fill it in. Hours spent trying to overcome such minutae issues that stop one dead. The wing is the wing, I cannot alter its shape, Its 2mm radiused trailing edge is fine. It booleans fine. OffsetSrf it 2mm and it creates a gap when in fact the upper and lower surfaces should have crossed over considering they went beyond the radius axis.

I am sure we have all come across this issue of gaps.

To have a command that illustrates where the fault lies and fills it in after user selects the gap would be great.

What is the best command for this ?


ShowEdges can be used to see gaps (a.k.a naked edges) and MatchSrf can be used to remove them in some cases. Post a sample file for more specific help if you need please.

Attached a good example, my current predicament.

It looks fine but zoom right in and see a gap at the trailing edge, its getting finer as it travels to wingtip…

type SiliconeSealant into command line and job done, then it will Boolean split the brown wing rib sheet to give me a rib.

ShowEdges doesnt show this gap. Unless I havent used it right.

It did have a 2mm rad curve and would boolean split the brown 15mm sheet, but after OffsetSrf 2mm it became an apparent closed, but in fact’ leaky’, sharp edge. Things can get too fine to work on, there is a limit to magnification beyond which strange things start to occur, tools work in a drunken state, not snapping etc when a few zooms out and they are ok.

SteveBooleanSplitFailsOffsetCrv2mm.3dm (1.2 MB)

The trailing edge is closed, as far as I can see, there is a naked edge along the leading edge, ExtractSrf and MatchSrf will close that up.


This would indeed be a nice feature. I have to use the shrinkwrap in magics or netfab but if rhino could do this it would actually be a very affordable and strong stl. editor/3d printing file preparation software.