Silhouette Gaps in Pen Mode

I’m seeing some gaps in my drawings in Pen Mode. Please see attached images. I’ve changed nothing to the model between Pen Mode and Ghosted Mode. Also, I included a photo showing that the silhouette lines are on. Any ideas why this is happening?
running Version 7 (7.28.23058.03002, 2023-02-27) on an Apple M1 Max
Rhino is running in Rosetta2 on Apple Silicon

OK. I’m very confused. Maybe it’s a bug. Now the silhouette works just fine. All I did was reset everything in my Display Modes and then put everything back to the way they were before.

After changing the geometry a bit the issue has returned. Hitting “Undo” does nothing. Restoring defaults like I did last time also didn’t help. However, I did find that if I open a different layout and then open this one agin it goes back to normal after hitting restore. Very strange

I’d be inclined to try resetting the Rhino PLIST:

Any better?

I did try that but it keeps being an issue on and off. So I’ve just wait for it to clear up and it does eventually. But unfortunately it remains an issue.

The issue persists but now I have some better documentation. Please refer to the attached video where I am doing nothing other than clicking in and out of the layouts space.

Above is a video of the issue.

Above is a screenshot of the model in shaded view.

Can you post the model?

Unfortunately I’m not able to post the model since it’s a work thing.

Then I have no way to help you.

Perhaps you can export things like the bolts that would not be covered by an NDA to a generic file that still illustrates the problem.

If we can’t repeat the problem here and figure out why it’s happening, we can not fix it.