Silhouette and Hidden Line Option Missing from Technical View

Rhino 7 just updated (7.10.21256.17001) and the option to toggle on Silhouette and Hidden Line in the Technical View are missing. (They should be available in under Visibility (in View > Display Modes > Technical.) This has happened before after an update, and I am baffled. How can I fix this without a full reinstall?

Hello - check the settings in ‘Other settngs’ it may be that the mode has reverted to using OpenGL and not the Technical pipeline.
Restore defaults - does that sort it out?

Hi Pascal:

I don’t see an OpenGL toggle in “Other Settings” and Restore Defaults does not restore the option to toggle on Silhouettes and Hidden Lines under Visibility. I don’t know what I’m missing to restore these settings.

Other thoughts?

Okay, Restore Defaults DID actually work. I just had to hit Restore Defaults, close Rhino Options and reopen Rhino Options for the options to be restored under Visibility. Thanks, Pascal!