Sidebars resizing

L/H & R/H sidebar don’t seem to be able to drag outwards to make narrower. It’s fine dragging them in to make wider

Yes, that is correct and by design. They have a minimum width.

Hi Dan, they don’t quite fit correctly when the sidebar is at it’s minimum width, not a huge issue, but doesn’t look pretty :blush:

Ah. Ok. Can you please send a screenshot of the one(s) that don’t look right? (I believe you - there’s some ragged stuff in there - but I just want to see if we have this logged or not).

hi Dan, i would say this l/h sidebar could go down to 4 columns, at present you can only narrow it down to 5, the r/h sidebar doesn’t seem to be able to make as narrow as in V5 too, cheers

Ah, that. I feel like I’ve seen that reported before, but it must have slipped off the radar and never ended up on the heap. Thanks. Logged as RH-50081.

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