Sidebar - Properties not showing (Bug ?)

Dear McNeel-Team, dear @brian

The Properties Panel in my Sidebar is empty - if an object is selected or not.

Macbook Pro 15 Retina 2019

Mac Os X 10.15.2 (latest)
no update available

Version 6 - latest - no update available

i deleted everything in Application and Library Application Support and re-Downloaded the latest Rhino Version.
Still no Properties
How can i do a “clean” Rhino-Reinstall ?

Find System Info attached.

SystemInfoTom.txt (2.7 KB)

thanks for your Help

Best Regards - Tom

Hi @Tom_
Just a shot in the dark but have you tried resetting your custom theme back to default Rhino for Mac in the Rhino Preference window? I see you have more than two inspector windows in your sidebar.

@jespizua - thanks, not the solution, but a good trace…
it seems like properties is only working for the top 2 sections.
the set-up i am using worked in rhino 5 and in rhino 6 with an older system.
so i still believe it s a bug

thanks / best

@Tom_ I was having the same problem after upgrading to Rhino 6. I also did a clean uninstall/reinstall.
I reset custom theme to default Rhino for Mac and got the same results as you (Properties only working in top two sections).

What fixed(?) it for me was

  1. selecting object
  2. right click then select Object Properties from popup.

Properties panel then worked as expected even after quitting restarting Rhino.

Hope this workaround helps.

Thanks for your initial post because I was having the same problem and I only discovered workaround while recreating/screen-capping/documenting this issue so I could add it to this post!


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thanks - your crazy workaround - works for me as well.
still think it s a bug. thanks. best. Tom

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