Shrinkwrap settings challenge

How would you shrinkwrap this?

ShrinkwrapTestSingle.3dm (2.8 MB)

My setting of edge length of 0.1 still produced broken-y edges which I think will show up as edge softness in 3D prints with a good machine. Inside corners are also very rounded. Edge lengths lower than 0.1 and it fails completely.

What if you had several hundred of these to do? (below is a just a partial sample) (5.2 MB)

@Helvetosaur, can you please attach a Rhino 7 version? We haven’t upgraded to R8 yet.

There’s no Shrinkwrap in Rhino 7…

I know, but I’d like to test it with my GH plugin :slight_smile:

OK, here you go… (5.2 MB)

TTEST.3dm (5.8 MB)

That doesn’t help because I don’t have that “other program”.

For developers to see the difference and quality. The other program is Materialise Magics
But I do not expect to get the same result in the near or distant future :sleepy: :grimacing:

You could try BubbleWrap from the package manager. It will give you sharper corners but still isn’t perfect:

I got a good result with 0.06, but only with Polygon Optimization = 0%.
Then I _ReduceMesh by 99%.

I used to have that at the school where I worked. It was over $10K and like 2K maintenance per year IIRC.

Have you tried or

They have a very good suite of hole identification & filling tools. Shrinkwrap will always find it challenging to balance between bridging gaps and having tight internal corners.

Found a better method.

  1. _Mesh, Max. edge length 0.2
  2. _ShrinkWrap, Target edge length 0.02
  3. _ReduceMesh, by 99%


Yeah, interesting that it fails finer than that. Well, 0.06 already makes a mesh with 500K+ faces. That is for one building (and a simple one at that), if you have a hundred, you will have more than 50 million polygons. Reduce mesh is slow…

When I had similar problems with other commands in rhino, I used to change the absolute tolerance in units. It is usually set to 0.01 units. I would change it to 0.00001 units
Sometimes this change solved the problem I was facing.
I don’t know if this will help you in your situation but you can try.