Shrinkwrap offset direction

Is there a way to control the direction of the shrinkwrap offset option? As I see it makes an offset in both directions starting from the surfaces. Similar to a thicken function.

Thank you

shrinkwrap still does not have a rh8 help
or I did not find it ?

check this topic about more info on shrinkwrap

voxel-based will mean, the input is more or less interpreted as points or “occupied space”, the result is always a volume. - as far as I understand.

you can generate input objects (surfaces / meshes ) for the shrinkwrap to get the desired result.

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thank you @Tom_P

Hi Tom -

We have that on the list as RH-77032 Shrink Wrap help missing in Beta

It’s important to note that ShrinkWrap always works to create a closed volume by wrapping around the input solid. Because of that, it will always offset in multiple directions when creating the new solid.