ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge in Grasshopper

I need to shrink some surfaces right to the edges like with the Rhino ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge command.

Actually, I don’t understand why ShrinkTrimmedSrf does not shrink to the edges ; what’s the point in commands that almost do what they are supposed to ?

Anyways, I need to find the lengths (at axis) of bent pipes which have fish mouths (end cuts) ; so I really need the shrinking to be exact.

In general what’s the way to use a Rhino command on referenced geometry when there is no equivalent GH or GH plugin component ?
Do I have to find the Rhinocommons command and make a python or VB component ? (Ugh…)

I don’t believe that one is in Rhinocommon even. Lunchbox has a Rhino command componant you can try.

Hi Michael,

I updated my initial post.
I know of the “Rhino Command” component, but it’s just sending a command to the Rhino command line ; it will only work if I bake my surfaces, select them, and then reference the resulting surfaces in GH. PHEW…

You can do it automatically if you chain a bunch of commands kind of like a macro. Like bake>select>shrink>reference. If you look at Rhinos command line when you reference geo into gh there is actually a command running, same for bake.

Thanks Michael. I’ll try that.
It seems a bit lame that all Rhino commands are not available in Rhinocommons though.

Any thoughts on the bent pipe axis length challenge ?

Where do we request that is goes in?

I could really do with ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge right now.

Hi - ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge was exposed to RhinoCommon in Rhino 7 a week ago and is available in the latest WIP: RH-50712

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