Shrink Trimmed Surfaces

Good morning everyone! Can someone explain when it is best to use Shrink Trimmed Surface vs. Shrink Trimmed Surface to Edge? They are very similar but not quite the same.:upside_down_face: Why would one want the one over the other? The Help section doesn’t give examples…

Here is what the Rhino Help says:
The ShrinkTrimmedSrfToEdge command contracts the underlying untrimmed surface right to the trimming boundaries.

Shrinking the trimmed surface can sometimes cause problems later since having the edges so close to the trimming boundaries can cause commands that use the surface edges as input to fail.

The above is fairly accurate. It should probably also mention that when a surface is shrunk right to the edge subsequent modeling operations can move the edges off the underlying surface, which then can cause problems both in Rhino and in exporting to other CAD software.