ShowZBuffer not working in Rhino 8 Mac

As of Rhino 8.6.24101.05002, I’ve been unable to get ShowZBuffer to do anything. Have been trying for a few Rhino updates.

I create some sort of basic poly surface (e.g. Sphere), initiate the command and the only thing I’ve noticed happen is for the ground plane to disappear when viewed in rendered mode. In other modes (and all viewports) I can’t even tell whether the command is on or not.

Is anyone else having the same problem? Is it a bug in Rhino 8? Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Ray -
I see that here as well → RH-82309 ShowZBuffer: Does nothing when running Metal

Hi @ray

Does this imply that this used to work in 8.5 and earlier releases?


Admittedly, read without the accompanying sentence it does imply that. Better if I phrased it when I encountered the issue (only just having discovered the command) I was using v8.6.