ShowMultiListBox() bug


(Matthieu Arnold) #1

Hi, there seems to be a bug with Dialogs.ShowMultiListBox() for RH6.
The dialog never pops, while if i use ShowListBox() instead with the same parameters it works.

I will use another control instead so I dont really need it right now, but you might want to fix this.

(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN,

What SR of Rhino 6 are you using?

@Trav, can you look into this?

– Dale

(Travis Serio) #3

@dale @Matthieu_from_NAVINN

It should be working in 6.6. I redid many of the ETO based dialogs last week and fixed several things MultiListBox was one of them.

I just did a quick test on a debug build and it appears to work via rhino script and rhinocommon.


import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import Rhino as r
a = [ ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’ ]

rscriptresult = rs.MultiListBox(a,“Script Message”,“Script Title”,“one”)
print rscriptresult

rcommonresult = r.UI.Dialogs.ShowMultiListBox(“UI Dialog Title”,“UI Dilaog Message”,a)
print rcommonresult

(Matthieu Arnold) #4

I am currently using Rhino SR 6.4. I’ll download the latest RC but it seems the 6.6 is not out yet

(Wim Dekeyser) #5

That’s correct. SR4 is final and you can subscribe to Release Candidates for SR5. If you need to test something now on a “daily” for SR6, we can provide you a link.