Showing point on " Show edges " why?


Just curious if anyone can explain this point shown where 3 surfaces connect. This middle surface is created using blend, if that helps. Ive also split the middle surface then joined but that didnt work also. . .

Thanks for any tips

This may just be a random point from when you were building the drawing. First off I would see if I could just delete it.
It always helps to upload your drawing so others can open it.


Thanks Danny! Ill give it a try.

Hi @whitie925

If this is what you get from ShowEdges, no, you can not delete it - although that would be nice. Basically it means, that you have a small naked edge(s) or point there. The command prompt should tell you, if it’s one or the other. The first hing I would try is the aptly named testremoveallnakedmicroloops (yes, you have to type it, as it doesn’t autocomplete). If this doesn’t help, you need to extract your surfaces and look at how well they fit, if the trim curves are good and possibly re-build some of the surfaces. Upload the relevant surfaces, if you get stuck!

HTH, Jakob

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Thank you! just wanted to say that in R6 today it seems to be a new command for this, Removeallnakedmicroedges worked for me.