Showing mesh edges on nurbs objects?

Is this possible, even just with a debug command?

Now, I know about the extract render mesh command, but I want to look at the LODs in this instance.

Also, can you control the LOD range and levels in Rhino?

(This is mostly for personal curiousity.)

Hi Robert -

Showing mesh edges on nurbs objects?

You could use the FlatShade command.

There are no LOD’s in Rhino.
You can adjust an object’s render mesh from its properties page.

Also, ShowRenderMesh / HideRenderMesh


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Thank you both!

Ah, so only lines get LODs then:


Hi Robert -

It’s a bit far-fetched to call that LODs. Firstly, I’m sure that if we were to ask Jeff or Steve about this, they’d say that, technically, those are not lines, they are pixels. Secondly, there is no difference in the “LOD” before and after you start the zoom and pan operation. What you are seeing here is just an optimization in dynamic drawing.

Sure. It’s just that the same thing happens in the shaded viewport, so that’s why I thought that it was happening to the meshes as well (it’s a good optimization).