Showing hidden objects with dashed outline

Wondering if there is some straightforward way of showing a dashed outline in plan view for the walls of a basement, much like overhead does for roofs etc?

Hi Mark,
In the Level Manager, there is the option (plan view reference icons) to show the plan view of levels above and below the current level as grayed lines, so you can snap on them to work or see what’s in other levels.

But this feature is more intended to be used for working purposes than for representation purposes. Unfortunately, there’s no way to show one specific object, hidden in other levels, as dashed lines, so I take it as a feature wish for future versions.

Hi Francesc, I wasn’t aware of the plan view reference feature. That is quite handy but as you say not suitable for presentations.

It would be great to see this as a feature similar to overhead (underhead? :slight_smile: ) with I guess the difference that hidden outlined elements beneath the current level may also be partially visible too.