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I have this old toolbar file that I think came from the old forum. It has some useful functionality for showing and hiding objects and layers in Details. Problem is it doesn’t work for v6.

Does anyone know how to make it work? Or remember who made it?

Hi Andrew - That looks like it’s from @Willem. I’ll muck with it if he’s not around at the moment - can you tell me what goes wrong?

Woah, testing that turned up some nasty bugs in layouts…

@Andrew - apart from the bug discovered in Layout, the scripts seem to work here so far - what’s failing for you?


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for taking a look. Once the toolbar is loaded, pressing the buttons don’t initiate any response from the command line in v6.

I should note, to install I dragged the tb file onto the rhino window, then right-clicked on a toolbar/ ShowToolbar, then ticked it on.

The toolbar loads but I get no response at all from the buttons. I went to
… \AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\UI and noticed there was no rui file for that toolbar, so I copy and pasted the one from the Rhino 5 folder. Opened a new v6 instance and still no response.

I have a feeling maybe a restart will fix this…

Hi Andrew - try opening the tb file from Options > Toolbar > File menu… that worked here.


Hi Pascal, that worked on a colleague’s computer here but not mine… I might just ignore it for now!