ShowFrameBuffer is not being called by Rhino


I’ve tried ViewportRendering C++ sample but it worked for me only once and currently I can see that CRhinoDisplayPipeline::ShowFrameBuffer is not being called by Rhino, the rest code works properly
pDoc->DeferredRedraw() is also being called as expected

what it could be?

Additional info:

It works properly only when Pipeline has been just registered and if plugin starts and pipeline is already registered then Rhino does not call ShowFrameBuffer

I’ve found that issue happens becuase theoption on the image below is not set to my Pipeline and even if I change it using this dialog Rhino does not remember that and after Rhino’s start this option is always in “OpenGL” state

The pipeline is not saved with the display mode. Just re-assign it when you load your plug-in.

Ok, thanks, it looks to be resolved