Show "Unknown or unimplemented command" for Zoom window

Zoom Window Command, will show “Unknown or unimplemented command”, but these command still can work after click Cancel or OK.

Zoom works fine from command line & my Alias Z. Also with Zoom window icon works here on new file.

Are you typing Zoom Window? Like that, with a space?

I see this. In the application menu, select View > Zoom > Zoom Window.

Rhino for Windows gets the same error, it just ignores it. Oh, @pascal

Hmm- that is the menu macro- with too much input - Zoom all by itself is ‘Zoom Window’ , the ‘Window’ part is not needed in the macro at all, it looks like. I will buggify this, probably a Mikko fix - thanks.


type “’_zoom” is OK, on the menu has problem, will show “Unknown or unimplemented command”.