Show selection modifiers on status bar

This is a niche request but maybe something to improve “accessibility” I just broke my left hand(I am of course left-handed) and got a button-festooned “mmo” gaming mouse to try to improve my productivity. So I have 12 buttons but one thumb so trying to do “complex” selection operations doesn’t work unless some of them are actually toggles. That works okay as long as I can keep track of what I have activated, so some visual indication of that would be helpful.

Now I have figured out how to map any particular combo I want to one button, but the request stands I guess.

Hi Jim - ugh - that is lousy… I hope it all gets better. Can you spell it out a bit more for five-year-olds? By selection modifiers, you mean selection method (like Shift or Ctrl) or filtering , or?


Hi Pascal, yeah 2021 is off to a flying start. So yeah it’s not learning to mouse with the wrong hand that’s a real problem, it’s mousing plus needing SHIFT and/or CTRL and/or ALT for selecting.

Hi Jim - how are you toggling the state, though? I am feeling like I need another coffee…


The mouse software(Corsair) lets me do that. I know it’s a Windows feature too(“sticky keys”) that people activate by accident and wonder why nothing works right.

I see… wow, I do not see a clean way out in the short or medium term. My hopes for anything like this from a developer are… slim, in any timeframe that would be of any use to you.


Sheez, Jim. Didn’t the Doc even leave you your fingertips sticking out of the cast, or didn’t the break allow for that? Maybe when you develop an idea of what you need you can have him modify the cast.

On the other hand (lousy pun not actually intended) I recall from many decades ago when i broke an ankle and had a cast from my thigh to the middle of my foot I was astonished at the number of work-arounds I developed over the six weeks or so I was in the cast. The other thing I clearly remember was the sharp stab of pain with my first attempt at normal movement as the cast was being removed. Seems it takes some time to get back to normal mobility . :slightly_smiling_face:

I wish you a speedy recovery to normal use.

They are free but so far trying to use them for much is awkward and painful so far…fun times!

Yeah I didn’t expect one. There may be some little apps that can do this generically in Windows…oh, the On-Screen Keyboard does the trick, I’m not sure toggling keys is even the best solution here but it’ll let me test it.

Been having wrist porblems due to having a large keyboard and mouse in a bad position so I now use a planck keyboard for my left hand and a drawing tablet.
my modifier keys are set to toggle mode, took me a few days to remember them, but I also have a key bound that releases all the modifier keys, you might find that useful.