Show selected command needs to list object types at command line like regular selection does

Show selected command needs to list object types at command line during it’s command like regular selection does not just say “Select objects to show. Press Enter when done”
I find I need this more and more since I might have a sub-d object hidden and a nurbs copy that look exactly alike, I don’t know which I am selecting until the command is finished and then I have to recheck the object and rerun the command show selected or undo and try again if I didn’t luckily select the correct item.

if you have 2 objects on top of each other does the pick sorter not allow you to choose which object you are selecting?

a good workflow is to keep your sub on one layer with one color and your nurbs on another layer with a different color and then you can easily see in the pick sorter which is which -


You can also use one-shot selection filters inside the command.


And finally, if you are used to typing your commands, you can also use the regular Sel... commands to select all objects of a specific type when inside the ShowSelected command. This isn’t very discoverable, though, since it won’t autocomplete - RH-60015.

Hi @pascal, @wim, @theoutside

Yep I do this often, I still think it would be great to have the objects chosen reported. So many times in the heat of battle I window select and inadvertently crab curves or points I don’t want to show. In this case the object was not over another object I just didn’t know if it was a sub d or nurbs object.

Yep I do that quite often but then I have to dig for them and do extra clicking. Every reply to my request could be solved if Rhino merely reported what was chosen at the command line. All commands get command line reporting of what was chosen, I think it would really be helpful for show selected. I do try all the workarounds you guys listed I just find it easier to be informed what was chosen and it brings consistency to Rhino commands since this is one of the commands where it could be useful but is left out. In Fact the only thing this command does is “select stuff” so I think it’s important, I would like to see this go on the wish list.
Thanks for your replies and helpful hints,

Hello - so, I am pretty sure I misconstrued your request - you would like the command line to report for example, ‘12 curves added to selection’ as a report after you make a selection, you are not looking for a way to select specific object types to begin with, do I have that right now?

RH-60028 ShowSelected - report the selection


Hi @pascal

Yes that’s correct you have it right now, I just want the command line to report what I selected.
Thanks Pascal