Show mesh vertex directions?


my Rhino customer has problems with the mesh vertex directions (in other 3D programs).

How to show all vertex directions of a mesh?



Hi Michael,
in Rhino you can show the vertex normals with the _Dir command.
But that’s probably too easy…

Hi Jess,

_Dir shows only some and not the different directions at the same vertex:

See here:



If you _Unweld you’ll see the individual face normals at that vertex.

But sometimes Rhino seems to skip vertices to avoid cluttered display.
If this is the case, then you can _Explode the un-welded mesh to get all normals displayed.

Good work-around, but I don’t want to explode or unweld the mesh. I just want to see all directions in the joined welded mesh. :slight_smile:

I knew that it was too easy :wink:
Then you need a script.
If anyone has something ready I could do it later…

Yes, too easy :wink: Please don’t write a script. This is more a wish for an improved _Dir command or an additional display option.

I will help myself now to show this my custom in blender:

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@Michael_Meyer, @Jess - testMeshDir will show both vertex and face normals.



Hi Pascal,

great, this is what I want.

Thank you very much and a nice weekend


P.S.: Wish: Options should keep the last setting.