Show isocurves - default is to turn them on

Hi guys, just logging problems I’ve had switching from Rhino 4 PC to Rhino 5 OSX. So these are wishlist items if they’re not already implemented, or deserving of thanks if there’s an easy solution I just missed because of unfamiliarity.

Item 4 - isocurves on/off. It looks like someone’s already requested an option where new objects come in with their isocurves off. That sounds great, but I’d be content with just the Rhino 4 setup - if you have a mixed set of objects, some with isos on and some with them off, when you click the “Show Isocurve” box it turns them all off first, then on. This is reversed in 5, which I only just realized can be a problem, e.g., if you have a giant model, it will try to turn all the isocurves on first (time-intensive) and then you can turn them off (much quicker). Would be great if it was possible to reverse this order!

The Windows V5 behavior does turn them off first as V4 did, the MacRhino behavior does appear to be reversed as you said…

The behavior of how to change the state of a “mixed” state button (a button that represents multiple values that are both on and off) is decided by the Apple frameworks, not by Rhino.

Apple! I guess my bone to pick is with them, ha.