Show isocurve flag in v6? (C++)


In Rhino 5, when clicking on the Show isocurve flag in Zebra analysis for an object, the C++ SDK corresponding flag used to be dp.DrawingWires() inside
void CRhinoObject::Draw(CRhinoDisplayPipeline& dp) const;

In Rhino 6 for some reason it’s no longer like this, looks like dp.DrawingWires() is always set to true. Is this a glitch or I’m going for the wrong flag?


Hi @pagarcia,

Zebra draws isocurves by setting CDisplayPipelineAttributes::m_bShowIsocurves equal to the value in the Zebra analysis dialog and the drawing the object.

If you are having a problem drawing something, then please provide some sample code or a project that we can review.


– Dale