Show grasshopper component RAM usage?

Hi Guys,

I have a large grasshopper script that is using a large amount of RAM (jumps from 2-12GBs). It uses sliders that update a 3D display in Ui+

I want to identify where the huge memory drain is coming from?

I’ve used the profiler to show how much time the component is taking to process but this had not shed any light on the RAM usage. Can anyone advise on how I can identify which components are using up so much RAM?

Any other general advise on reducing RAM usage would also be very welcome

Many thanks,

It can be very difficult to determine this as data tends to be shared between components.

There’s something which may explain a very sudden unexpected memory increase which is shading meshes. Especially if breps are very large or very far away from the origin then the mesher can go nuts and you end up with millions of faces instead of a dozen for a simple cylinder.

Switch off the shading preview to see if that helps.

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Hi David,

Apologies for taking so long to get back to you. You were 100% correct about what was causing my issue but it took me some more trial and error to figure out a solution.

Instead of rendering the mesh as a preview in grasshopper, I used the object bake component and disabled the preview for the large mesh. When I moved my sliders in UI plus overtime ram usage reached 13GB. It’s now reduced to 1.5 GB max.

Thanks for your help David