Should text block in model read left to right in FRONT and BACK views in Layout mode?

My text made with text block in FRONT view also reads left to right (normal text) in BACK view.

In layout view though the same views see BACK view have the text backwards and unreadable.

How do I resolve this ?
To have to have a layer per line of text is just going to get crazy as I already have hundreds of layers.
One cannot turn off visibility in the design column as it makes all instances vanish in that viewport in layout mode.


Steve -

Install your copy of Rhino 7.

Job needs finishing 5 weeks ago, I am now part way through the actual finishing tape on the running track, to stop right now, rebuild PC with win 10 and carry on the job 2 months later, as it will take that long to research the 150 progs that have to go on, what will and wont work, avoid subs on upgrades, and source drivers hardware perhaps, and even find money for what needs replacing, a pc rebuild is not a days work, not this one. Also covid19 means my PC pitcrew engineer is not accessible., PC too heavy to remove to him.

so V7 is not happening anytime soon.

So sounds like a V5 nasty, solved in V7.

hey ho.
I will delete it and paste it in over the top in layout mode., along with all text block texts , yet I am sure I had others in the model orthos that havent done this., but there again I didnt have front AND back views until now.

else I will mask it with a white hatch in layout mode.

I need to get this job handed over NOW, they wanted to make it weeks and weeks ago.