Should Offset and OffsetMultiple be combined into a single command?

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From Offset multiple curves command - #3 by Daniel_Krajnik

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For intergrating them into a single “Offset” command:

  • it can detect if the user selected a single or multiple objects, which is an explicit enough indication of the user’s intention
  • older users may not notice “OffsetMultiple” command anyway as it shows up buried in a dropdown list mangled with the other offset commands (well, I didn’t see it)


Two extra, minor issues:

  • The previous “Offset” command had a nice visual hint before confirming it showing how the curve is offset, while “OffsetMultiple” does not.

  • OffsetMultiple seems to take a second longer for some reason.

Another point to consider…
Any change like this will change the command options.
This will break all existing scripts that use these commands.