Should My Plugin Support Rhino 5.0? Statistics on 5.0 in the wild

Hi all,

Plugin developer here. Of the rhino users out there, do we know what percentage of them are:

a) still running 5.0
b) on 6.0

I seem to remember some discussion or statistics about this, but I cannot seem to recall it now.


Rhino 5 was released in 2012. The only reason anyone with money to buy plugins is still using it is due to some plugin they depend on–which is either obscure and obsolete or some custom homemade abomination–having never been updated for V6.

We still use 5 but have a single 6 license in the office. We haven’t had a need to upgrade, 5 fulfils our needs and the user of 6 complains regularly. We will likely jump on 7 when available.

Same here. We still use v5 and we have one copy of v6. We might upgrade to v7 when we find new tools usefull.

Bumping the thread - I’d like to get some feedback from staff. Having some official stats would be very helpful to the plugin community.

We can’t really compare as Rhino5 was released in 2012 and there are not any statistics collected that compare to Rhino 5.

I would agree with @JimCarruthers on the assessment.