Should I report when a process does not work?

I have already reported several times when a tool does not work, with the geometry to be able to reproduce it, but it seems that nobody takes care of it. On the one hand I think I help you to debug but on the other hand it seems that you don’t even register it as something to correct at some point.

So I directly ask you, do I stop wasting my time helping you or do you want me to send cases like this, or is there another channel to do it (other than the old dirty email pipes)?

EDIT: removed example issue.

Please assign your new messages to the appropriate category so the right people are more likely to see it.

This is not about Grasshopper. I also reported about Rhino/Rhinocommon issues a few times although most of the time I don’t, today I included a Grasshopper issue as an example but my question is how to report errors to you that’s why I categorised it in Meta for lack of a better one.

The Meta category is for questions about Discourse, the Forum application itself.

Your message contains a Grasshopper definition, so it should be in the GH category I think.

Ok I deleted it to avoid confusion :man_shrugging: now is a clean question about the way you work, so… Should I report when a process does not work?


I reported several times in Grasshopper and Rhino developer categories and I was ignored most of the times. Usually I don’t know who to tag and nobody does that for me. But is ok, I don’t want you to get tired telling me how to help you, so forget it.

If you post a problem description with a repeatable example and the steps required to repeat it, it will get noticed.

A general comment, without specifics or anyway to repeat it, has no action items and will likely be ignored.

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