Should I be sweeping?

Hello again. Can anybody help with my latest issue please? I need to continue the cyan surface around the edge of the red surfaces, at the same offsets. I’ve tried all sorts of commands with no success.


IanFUEL TANK 2.3dm (767.3 KB)

Apologies. The cyan surface should meet up with the one that I have added.FUEL TANK 2.3dm (768.2 KB)

Hi Ian - is this is?

FUEL TANK 2_PG.3dm (180.7 KB)


Yeah, the second one was a little trickier… A combination of OffsetSrf, BlendSrf and ExtendSrf and then trim in plan using the curves highlighted in Purple.


FUEL TANK 2A.3dm (534.5 KB)

Thank you Pascal and Andy. I have managed to get there in the end.