Should display of most recent view intuitively follow in all views?

Just wondering if that were the case then , the view you are drawing in would seem you want to see it in other views in same context .of course you could still change view display to other option as always.maybe this is in options already? Thanks Mark
Might look at it how an emap is on object. It follows in any view.

For parallel projection viewports there is synchronizeviews

You could also test TestMooCow.

Hi Wim, I was trying to give ideas for more intuitive drawing. If your working ghosted top view and change to right view isnt it more than likely you would want to see that as well in ghosted? And so on through all the views. That is without having to do it manually. Maybe as an option setting.

Thanks for the clarification. I didn’t read the initial post has having anything to do with a display mode.

Perhaps someone wants to add this to the wish heap - it’s not something I would use but don’t let that stop you :innocent:

Yes of course, just wondered of its difficulty to do.

Hi Mark if I understand you, instead of changing or setting the viewport display mode, change all of them at once -
'_SetDisplayMode _Viewport=_All _Mode=_Ghosted

There are some buttons (right click) in the Display tab in the default toolbars for this, but you can make your own or make aliases.


Good to see you back. And many thank you’s