Should Bridge override osnaps?

Hi McNeelies (@Jussi_Aaltonen or BrianJ maybe?)
When using Bridge, it kindda bugs me that I have to change my osnap settings to be able to adjust the alignment (if and when needed). If Osnaps are disabled, they need to be turned on (although no particular osnap - point or vertex - needs to be turned on). If Project is on, I have to turn it off unless the edges being bridged are right on the cplane. Is this a “my specific system”-thing or is this how it is? And if that’s how it is, could it please be changed? It seems Bridge should - behind the scenes - enable osnaps and disable project.
TIA, Jakob

Hi Jakob! Have you tried checking “Project object snaps to CPlane in plan parallel views” in Modeling aids -> Snaps -> Object snaps (this is on OS X - I guess it’s in the same place on Windows). It should help when modeling in perspective view.


Hi @Philip
This changes nothing in relation to this problem - or rather, it makes it impossible to change the alignment in the parallel viewports at all, no matter what the settings in the osnap toolbar. What I’m refering to, is that the osnap settings decide whether or not I’m able to click/select the bridge end points. The closest analogy I can think of, is using BlendsSrf with NURBS. The initial adjustment of the seam points pay no attention to osnaps/project being on or off.

OK, so I just noticed, that Bridge does actually auto-enable osnaps, but it doesn’t auto-disable project, which I guess it should?

Ok, yes, now I see what you mean.


@Normand, thanks for reporting. Filed as RH-57156