Should 0.001 be used to lessen issues with intersections?

I am set to 0.01mm but zooming in to junctions sees lines sometimes stopping short, or missing each other at crossroads yet I know they snapped. e.g. I had an L shape from lines and drew another line to snap to that corner, saw it snap, later it fails to trim and zooming in there is this minute gap, bridge the gap and all is well.

I have created a simple solid, find it doesnt boolean, so will now use its edges and reconstruct it, but zooming in on the first failed trim command, what was snapped is in fact missing by 0.01mm.

Getting problems with minute gaps, I think dare not go even finer, bad enough with 0.01 on a project where the client is not fussed over 2mm, and milling machine not fussed either, or the program used for the cutting, so I am told, and I understand that CAD progs have one sing a finer tune, but maybe thats the way to go 0.001 not 0.01 ?

I have also seen in wiki Mitch say start finer then if get issues setting to a coarser tolerance will help.

However one cannot set a 0.01 tol project now to 0.001 ? Once you use Mitch’s healing fix and set to a lesser tolerance, there is no going back again ?


Your problems with intersections have zero to do with your settings and everything to do with not being able to make “clean” geometry of even very simple shaped. I"ll post more later when I have a chance, but part of your problem with this boolean problem you’re having is that you THINK your surfaces are simple. The SHAPES you are trying to achieve are indeed very simple and basic, and yet you still create these shapes with far more surfaces than needed, in a way that makes no sense whatsoever.

As for minute gaps. Why aren’t you using MatchSrf?

I am actually rebuilding now what was two solids that wouldnt boolean, so using dupedges and dispensing with curves not needed for the final solid, makig it as clean geometry wise as I can, using rebuildNonUniform Curves on measled curves, seeing the curve differ from the original route, but far fewer points now on it, or FitCrv if it does as good point wise, as per advice, I am then surfacing this new wireframe geometry so as to simplify the object. Boolean would have taken seconds, this takes an hour or more. I noticed however that some lines that did snap when I redrew some parts of the object, plus on a project yesterday again doing same sort of thing, wouldnt trim, and looking closely as to why, I see they didnt join, I am on about lines and curves not meeting up despite Osnap happening, well before I get to making surfaces.

Minute gaps when in curve and line drawing mode, before surfacing starts,

as for things not being dead straight etc, my objects are fitting to the sides of a cowling which is curving in a non regular way, in two directions, very subtly, so neatness and straight lines would be great if only, as such I have to tread carefully else I deviate from the fitment to that cowl, something with a couple of points cannot be made straight as they are there for the curve, some parts can be dead straight, but e.g. offsetSrf accentuates a curve and then corners get messy, i try for a boolean as its instant, else its a lot of time redrawing it all getting rid of now what are unneccesary lines, but we all try for the quick way, and wish to move on, yet again its evening meal at midnight, so its worth a shot at trying to bring that forward an hour or so.


MatchCrv. At the very minimum, set to “Position” so you wont’ have gaps. There are tools for very quickly dealing with the issues you’re having. It’s up to you to use them.

And let me be clear here - if you have “minute gaps” between your curves - DONT START MAKING SURFACES YET!!!