Shorten curve in absolute values (offset start and end)

I tried to find a way to shorten/lengthen lines at the end and/or start by predefined values (there is a grasshopper component). Is there a way without involving gh?


Hi Anika - Extend… with a negative value it will shorten - is that what you need?


yeah. i tried that. but it only works one singular objects and on one side with a lot of clicking involved…
i mean i have a bunch of curves, select them all… type in -.1 and it shortens them on both sites… like the “extended curve” component in gh.

would be helpful for architecture drawings.

sides… of course

Hello - it is not quite what you want but in case you did not notice, Extend keeps going and remembers your distance so you can, after the first one, click-Enter (Enter to accept the default, that is, last used, distance) click-Enter click-Enter etc.

But shortening a lof of curves from both ends is probably not hard to script.


doh! “extend” actually does that if nothing is preselected… albeit for one site, but with selecting multiple curves at once. thanks for pointing that out!

i always used extend with preselected objects.