Shortcut to Select Object Centroid During Move Dialogue

Is there a shortcut to select the centroid of a selection as the point to move from during the move dialogue? I recently mistyped and believe I had something like that happen. However, I have been unable to repeat this action.

I find this would be useful in situations where geometry is imported but located a relatively great distance away from the Cplane.

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Not directly in the Move command, no, but if you select the object(s) with the Gumball active and click at the Gumball center point, that grabs the object(s) at the bounding box center, which you can then either drag and snap somewhere else, or type a coordinate to move the center point to… like just 0 and Enter to move to the CPlane origin.

Otherwise you could also use BoxEdit, but I find the Gumball easier.

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Right. In this particular workflow I was hoping to use a shortcut to avoid have to change my camera location, followed by w0 for instance to move the geometry to world origin. Thanks for the contribution!

Hi Nikolas - If you start dragging the Gumball origin point and type 0 and Enter while dragging the object will go to the origin, based on the Gumball location - that does not do it?


Hi Pascal –

Just for some closure, today I found what I was looking for. It is “align” with the concentric dialogue command. I hope this is of use for anyone who stumbles across this post!


That’s a great find!

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and it only to 6 months to figure out!