Shop Upgrade

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Very nice. Now how about upgrading your dust extraction.

heh, we got a new dust collector for this machine… the one in the background is being used for that table saw… we have two other larger collectors as well for the main saws…

it’s going to be loud in there when/if everything is going at once.

Now I have Bot envy…

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Is that the spindle I see? It’s huge!
What’s the table made from?

that’s phenolic resin… it’s gridded for the vacuum hold down system… an MDF spoil board goes on top.

(the vacuum pressure sucks through the MDF and holds the material in place… while also allowing the bit to cut all the way through without gouging the phenolic)

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I wonder where to get that material…

Are you talking about some kind of cast pure resin, or the widely used paper or cloth-reinforced phenolic resin?


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right… the sheets… like in your link.

the grid is then milled, not cast

…at 3/4–5x10, it’s around $3g… so not something you want to be cutting into… :wink:
hence the MDF spoilboard

Thanks Jeff.

Well, I found a 2nd hand phenolic table on ebay, but it’s too rich for me right now.

I have a low-buck small .9 x 1.3 meter milling machine. Currently, I just have MDF table, but when I was milling aluminum, I found that the table flexing caused a lot of vibration and noise. I am sure that the vibration doesn’t help cut quality, either, though the cuts in aluminum were fairly shiny.

[I never really wanted to make a Tesla coil until I imagined one in phenolic tube and brass fittings.]

Sweet. Zoned vacuum, multiple tools (holders anyway). I’ve been using a similar setup for 12 years now. Started Using RhinoCam several years ago. Very convenient. Powerful toolpathing.

What is the table size? Spindle HP? Software you’re using?

You’ll have fun with this.

heh, yeah, definitely fun… and haven’t touched my table saw for like 3 days now

5’ x 10’ table… 6HP spindle.

i’m using Fusion360 for CAM… i use Mac so not very many options for CAM on this platform… that said, Fusion is pretty sweet for CAM…

RhinoCam sounds great due to not needing to leave Rhino but i gave up on that wish a year or so ago… but really, at this point, if i were forced to switch to Windows… i’d likely still use Fusion.

(I also use it for most of my rendering… but modeling in Fusion? no way… Rhino (and Grasshopper) is waay better)

Awesome! Have you compared Smartshop to other brands? Or was there a specific reason for going for a Smartshop machine? Just curious.

cost was a factor :wink:

this machine fits somewhere in between a ShopBot and a Thermwood.