Shipwizard feedback thread

Please post any feedback, bugs and questions arising from testing the ShipWizard plugin in this thread.

The plugin can be downloaded from:

or from the plugin website:

You can find a short manual on plugin website as well as in plugin zip file.

Hi! I want to try your nice plugin, but I get this error:

Which command are you trying to run? This should show only when calling EditStructure command. Both BracketWizard and StiffenerWizard Should be working until June with current version. Is this the case?


With all three commands I get the same error.

You can try testing the following plugin file:
Link removed. Please use the website or foodforrhino to download.

Note that you may not be able to edit structures created with this version in the next version of the plugin as this is a WIP. The EditStructures command should be treated as not tested.

I should be able to hunt the bug and upload a proper version to original source hopefully today. I am sorry for inconvenience.

Does it work? Also i would be grateful for any feedback :slight_smile:

Edit: I replaced the faulty file on the server so the files downloaded from my website or foodforrhino should work as intended. Please note that you may need to unlock the file in file properties as shown here: