Ship construction

Is there any posssible way to reduce the file data from CAD3d when i import it to rhino. i working at the ship industry, our engeneer use Ship construction and Cad3d to work with the structure. Im using rhino for the cover and want to collect 3dstructure to 1 file rhino but it really heavy to import and open Cad3d in rhino. any stragegi so i can fix this. Many thanks

There is no easy way to do this. It depends on CAD3d system you are using to export geometry from, and what workflow you are using.

I have experience in importing models from AVEVA and they are usually very heavy, because AVEVA creates solids with a lot of faces to represent curved surfaces.

EDIT: Generally I would advise to use something like Navisworks to assembly big, heavy models into one for overview.