Shinyness bug OpenGL material GH1

The shine option seems to be messed up. According to the explanation when hovering over the material it needs input from 0-100 with 0 = no shine, 1 = low shine & 100 = max shine. 0 seems to be correct. But then 1 seems to be max shine, 2 less shine, 3 less shine etc. Until ± 10 where it looks like 0 and the rest of the numbers look the same until 100.

171112 (10.5 KB)

Rhino just works this way. If you change the ‘Gloss finish’ slider in a regular material you also get a very sudden jump between zero and one, and then a gradual weakening of the effect towards one hundred:

Right. So the explanation when you hover over the component is just wrong then?

Maybe, not sure. A surface with a high shine will have very small highlights, whereas a surface with a low shine will have very large highlights, which is what you’re seeing.

A highlight is in effect the reflection of a light source. Lights are treated as point-sources in Rhino, so a totally shiny surface would have only a single, very bright point reflection on it somewhere. A surface with low shinyness would reflect the light source over a larger area, but in a diminished way.

Hmm I see what you mean, using the sphere, instead of the cube I used, helps to understand!