Shifting curves Left until they overlap with additional tolerance

Hey All

I have a lasercutting applitcation wherin i need to rapidly create a lot of names , from a variety of font types, but the text must all be touching and i need ONE curve to actually cut with

I have asked the same question in rhinocomm dev form but i think the answer will be found in grasshopper.

using the txtline def , i create boundary surfaces, meshthem and then join and pull a boundary curve whoch is “nearly ideal”, and required because the regular curve union thrpows away the inside of “e” and “o” etc. but as you can see some characters did not touch in this font and i have three outputs, the “C” then “hr” then “istopher” so id like to:

get all the font curves in an array, then move each NEXT curve backwards in X until it intersects the curve before it, and add overlap of NNth mm further so that can ensure ONE continous curve defining the text.

I DO realise i will lose the dots on the i’s but ill deal with that.

I think im pretty close except for the shuffling left part. (9.4 KB)

with outcome to look something like this (15.4 KB)

This version have overlap that respect more accurately the wanted value:
FontTrimJoin (19.0 KB)


WOW!! so much learnign for me to do on this one!!