Shelling options

Notice that shelling in V6 still has most of the same issues as V5… In the example below, trying to shell the small solid building for 3D printing (remove bottom face) with a wall thickness of 2 in either version results in something completely unusable. On the other hand, if you first extract and remove the bottom face, and then do the shell with OffsetSrf/Solid and rounded corners, it mostly works - and the rest can be easily fixed…

Shell_2mm.3dm (960.7 KB)

Since we know that offsets can be problematic with sharp corners and that rounded corners often end up with a better result, can we not have a rounded corner option in Shell?

And I guess we’re still sufficiently ashamed of this command to keep it out of the menus… :disappointed:


go well go shell…

i never use that command on something more complex than a cube… or very similar. anything which has overhanging geometry never worked as far as i remember. but still is helps in simple cases where OffsetSrf does not create a proper solid.

Hi Mitch- thanks, got that.

@chuck - is a rounded corners option an option ?


@Helvetosaur @pascal the problem with shelling and round edges is that the faces that meet the removed faces sometimes have to be extended, and the combination of sometimes extending and sometimes rounding doesn’t fit in well with the command architecture. I might be able to fix that sometime in the future. You can switch to rounding mode with testSelectShellingType but it fails immediately if any of the side faces need to be extended.

There is little, if any, difference between V5 and V6 in shelling. I will take another shot at it in the WIP once we’re done with 6.0.


you guys are killing me with all those hidden commands, this one is even implemented in the mac version. as are most of them anyway… just not this one which synchronizes 2 viewports, Testmoocow :smiley: :frowning: which might be very handy for representational efforts.

i am getting the feeling that there are equally as many hidden commands as “normal” commands.

Yeah, but most are not useful. Typically, there are no checks to make sure the input is valid. Use at your own risk!