Shelling not maintaining water tight surfaces

Recently working on a human heart model and ran into some problems with naked edges after shelling. Is there a fix for this or do these small areas of the model need to be manually patched?



Yep, that seems to be a pretty good result for a complex object like that. It shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes to repair.

That is called a heart murmur isn’t it? Nice modeling.

If you can send the model into I’ll make sure it gets filed for the Shell developer to see. @chuck Please send the version prior to the shell if possible.

Nice model!

Thanks All!

Brian - I truly appreciate the quality tutorials you have been providing for Rhino users. They have been truly inspirational for me…

Problem solved by the Rhino Support Team! Scott D. - Thanks for your suggestion to reduce the tolerance setting under Tools>Options>Units from .0.0001 to 0.001. Everything stitched together perfectly after shelling.

Thanks, I’m glad they help and that @scottd was able to find a solution for the model.

The images that basilp provided in his first message above (4 years ago) have disappeared.
Is it possible to bring them back. I would like to see that cardiac model.

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I believe not, there have been some changes @sam might know better. I have seen many threads with disappearing images, it was already discussed somewhere

I managed to dig these up on Google Images.

wayback machine might also help not sure to which degree it saves the images, maybe worth a try

Hi Sam,

Thank you. Where can I see them? Or how did you search on Google; which input?

Hi - you should now be able to see those images in the first post in this thread.

Hi Neils - It been a while since I’ve been on the forum. I’ll see if can find the file…