Shelling errors

i’ve been running shell a lot lately the past couple of weeks and it’s been failing on a lot of them even though they appear to be simple shells.

should i post them as i come across them? are you guys interested in failed shells?
SHELL ERRORS.3dm (91.1 KB)

With the polysurface having one part flipped I am not surprised anything fails here. Booleans would also fail.

You should fix your polysurface so it is properly constructed.

Excuse me, I was confused with my BackFace showing mode having almost similar color as you have in your model.

no worries :slight_smile:

Hi - I’m not sure what throws off the Shell command on that object. When I recreate it from its edges, the resulting polysurface shells correctly. I’ve put your file on the list of things to look at - RH-61073.
And, yes, please post them as you come across them! Thanks,

will do, i’ll dump them into this thread, thank you.

here’s another one, very similar.
error.3dm (119.5 KB)

i fixed the last one by deleting the surface i’m picking for the shell and capping the polysurface. the common thing with both files is that the surface i’m picking was created by splitting the polysurface with cplane. i’ll make a file showing what i’m talking about in a little bit.

edit: added file

error.3dm (274.1 KB)

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thank you

I don’t remember if I posted this file long ago …
In any case this is a failing example, difficult, perhaps, to solve currently (both the shell and the srf offset don’t work).
It would be interesting if Rhino could solve it in the near future.
The problem occurs in beveled surfaces.
shelling failed.3dm (147.4 KB)


thanks- the dev will reference this thread, so all fails should be posted here.