Shell with variable thickness

Hello Kiwi!3D
I am wondering if there is a feasible/practical way to model a shell with variable thickness in KIiwi!3D - think of an organic shell with a smooth but random thickness variation defined in Rhino by its boundary surfaces.


yes, we are currently working on it. We will maybe incorporate it in the next version in October. Right now, it is possible to work with a mid surface and edit the thickness with another surface by moving the control points up and down. If this is also interesting, I maybe can try to make an intermediate version available. However, this is still not fully developed.


Hi Anna,

Can you share the file to see the code? Thanks.

Yes, here it is. But it will not work with the current released version. Maybe there will also be a simplified input routine in October.
VariableShellThickness.3dm (90.4 KB) (55.2 KB)

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