Shell Polysrf in 2 distances


I need a polysrf to be shelled in 2 different distances. I dont like offsetting polysrfs since it may give odd results…

i dont know how to explain my problem :sneezing_face: so im uploading an image with the specifications i need, marked in red. pls see below…

please feel free to post any comment!


You can use shell then press Ctrl + Shift and move the inner surface

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not sure i understand, i guess you could shell once. then explode the result and shell with the inner surface of the shell once more. if that is not what you want, maybe try a little harder by explaining with a better sketch or elaborate the problem a bit more.

Hi! @encephalon & @vikthor sorry for bad explanation… let me upload a more specific image…

here you have…

box is made op of 2 polysrfs… i need the same for hull

you can try this you need a reference plane. (14.6 KB)

Hi @vikthor!!! there are 2 observations… first: the sideview of your boat hull has non uniform shell thickness and that might a problem for me since i have to model the interior of the yacht…
second: i dont know how to use GH… Those GH parameters or input values look complex… :dizzy_face:
@vikthor Im simply looking for a tutorial for dummies :stuck_out_tongue:, i dont want to bother you or anyone else with difficult tasks… anyways ill download your file model for examination. Always a pleasure and thanks for your reply…

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you just need to upload the file to the designated component equals the values and get what you want.

and why not trying what i suggested? that will do ecactly that.

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hi! mmm… not sure. my thoughts are that your sophisticated GH model only scales the polysrf (stylishly…) @vikthor, unnecessary complex your way of modeling, but professional. thanks anyway!

im not sure i understand @encephalon… could you please upload an image file. what you mean is to shell the original polysrf and then shell (again) the resultant polysrf?