Shell optimization

I want to optimize a shell that I have designed based on the initial constraints and get a new form.
What plugin is suitable for this? The shell will be the basis of a space frame design. I want to design this shell from the architectural side of view and the structural details are not that much important.
I would be grateful if you could help me.
thanks in advance.


What property do you want to maximize or minimize in this optimization?

For example, a common aim in shell optimization is to minimize the bending action, which can be done through catenary form-finding.
You say “the structural details are not that much important” - but do you mean you want to optimize for some non structural property, or that you do want to optimize for structure but the details are not important?

It would be extremely interesting if you initiate a competition🤩, by posting an initial shape and constraint conditions🤩

Thank you for answering
This shell has a hole at the top. I want to minimize the area while maintaining the stability of the shell. The height of the lower boundary of the shell can not exceed a certain value. The upper limit of the shell should not exceed a certain amount. The upper boundary area of the shell should be within a certain range. There is no limit to the number of fulcrums, ie the junction of the shell to the ground, and I can increase or decrease their number and after this step design a space truss for this shell.

I`ve posted the problem description.