Shell new bug since Rhino 6.11.18317.13431


I start a project with Rhino and I see today a new bug with simple box shell that was not present in the old version of Rhino.

(Before the update I used the version 6.11.18317.13431, I use today the version 6.12.19016.7051)

new shell bug.3dm (286.1 KB)

Thank you.

Hi Jmv - as far as I can see, wrong as this is, it is the same in V5.



Hello @pascal,
thank you for your reply.

of course, I can not certify this anymore because I do not have v6.11 anymore.
But I’m sure there is a difference between v6.11 and v6.12.

In December (with v6.11) I work in the same project and the same file as today (with v6.12).
Model a big city, and in December I had no problem with the shell command on this volume (in red in the picture).

note: there is no problem if one face is attached to another vertical face… (in blue)