Shell Lattice Extrusions & Subtracting Differences Issues

Attempting to create a lattice shell using grasshopper parameters but ran into a few issues.

1.The extrusion commands used leave the endpoints narrower, how would I set that to uniformly extrude? I tried using the extrude along command but kept getting errors

  1. I’m attempting to cut where the geometries intersect so they become nested/inset into each other. I’ve attempted to use the region difference command but I’m almost positive I’m not using the right command.

  2. I would also like to extract each constituent part individually. Currently, all vertical and horizontal elements are grouped together. What would be the best commands to separate them? I plan on lasering it into MDL pieces if that helps with context.

Any help with any of the aforementioned issues is greatly appreciated. I’ve supplied some pictures highlighting the mentioned issues.

Initial Shell Study (18.9 KB)

  1. The direction you extrude is Y, which is why your end areas are narrow.
  2. When you bake it, uncheck the Group box, which makes them ungrouped.
  3. grasshopper has very useful nesting plugins.