Shell improvements

Hi there,
this is my first time in the forum.
I’m a designer and instructor and I was wondering why in the Shell command there isn’t the draft angle option. It is fundamental in this tool. Thank you

Probably a combination of the wish list containing a few thousand items (among which these are open items on shelling) and this particular feature requiring a significant amount of work [considering that (1) shell doesn’t handle all cases equally well and (2) extruding with draft angle tends to be problematic as well].

I appreciate you feeling that this is a fundamental feature for your needs - if it were so for the general public, either it would have been implemented a long time ago or Rhino would have ceased to exist…

But, hey, by all means, good wish - and now on the pile of things as [RH-36110] (

SolidThinking evolve 2017: “Shell variable thicknesses”.
What do you think? It would be interesting to do even with Rhino.