Shell eccentricity and Assymetric profiles

Hi there,

First off, I’m a long time user and big fan of Karamba. Kudo’s for you guys!
There are three main things though that keep coming back.

  1. Eccentricity of shell elements: I know this has been on the to do list for a while, is there any progress in this?

  2. Assymmetric and custom profiles: Is there or will there be a way to generate U-, C- and L-profiles or even completely custom profiles?

  3. Load combinations: Is this also on the to do list?



Hi Merijn,
thanks for your kind words!

Currently I am working on load- and result-combinations. They will be part of the next release.

The other two points are also on my TODO-list. Probably eccentric shells will come first, then asymmetric profiles.


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Thanks for the answer! Looking forward to the next release.
Regarding the asymmetric profiles, would it be possible to add them myself? Or are the needed calculations for it not in place?

There are two things which need to be taken into account in case of unsymmetric cross sections:

  • the main axes of inertia can be inclined with respect to the geometric elements of the cross section.
  • the centers of shear and inertia of the cross section do not coincide. Thus transverse loads can cause torsion moments.

These two points are not taken care of in Karamba3D 1.3.2.