Shell analysis

Hi,I have a question.
I am trying to write a paper for Use lightweight materials to create free-form vaults,
My process first uses RHINOVAULT calculation, this software is based on thrust network analysis,
After the structure is modified by design,
Now I am currently conducting the experimental link of structural analysis,
But when I use karamba3D to analysis the shell structure,
I found that using support to fix the point will lose the power of thrust.
I want to know Can I use ‘‘load’’ instead of ‘‘support’’ to analysis the shell structure?
Can I calculate a structural analysis with using thrust ?
thank you for your help.

Dear @user2630,
it should be perfectly possible to investigate the thrust of shell structures with Karamba3D.
Can you post a small example which exhibits the problem you encountered?
One needs to specify supports and loads to analyse a structure.
– Clemens

Hi,This is how my Grasshopper operates
When I enter the support information, the endpoints on both sides cannot be deformation.
I think I want the whole structure to be deformable.

This picture is how I set up Support and Load.
Thank you.

Dear @user2630,
you should specify the supports on one side in such a way, that they can slide in X-direction. Otherwise the applied forces go directly into the supports and do not load the structure.